sábado, 7 de septiembre de 2013

Reflection 2

“A teacher affects eternity: he or she can never tell where his or her influence stops.”  Henry B. Adams

How do you feel about this quote?  Reflect on one or some of your teachers – are they still influencing you? Post to your blog.

It's true, at least in small ways. Influence is very difficult to measure, but I do feel that as a teacher I am making the world a better place.

If I teach someone to appreciate reading and writing and to feel at ease when he or she is required to read and write that person will have a better life. They will be subjected to less stress, doubt, and shame. If they have children their children will grow up in a better environment if only for the slight reduction in stress to the parent who isn't afraid to read and who isn't afraid to write.

If I teach an Arab to speak English (and I have). He will gain some understanding of who we are and will at least have one American who he appreciates. In addition that person will be better able to inform other Americans of who he is. With his new language they will establish common ground and undo all the damage done by hateful pundits and ignorant people.

If I teach an American Spanish, I will transfer to that person all the cultural wealth that many Americans assume our day laborers lack. My compatriot will appreciate the intangible riches that come from being able to enjoy two cultures and the pleasure that comes from sharing experience with people of all walks of life.

Teachers are the best hope for the future of the world. My teachers helped to create the person I am, and I recognize that I am changing people's lives. Of course there are those who teach The Lie, but even they cannot undo what we who teach skills and critical thought do. 

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