domingo, 1 de septiembre de 2013

Reflection 1

  1. What are your expectations for this course?
  2. What are your expectations of me (instructor)?
  3. If involved in an Adult Education Program (AEP), what would you like to learn about in this course?
1. I expect that this course will fulfill the state of Colorado Department of Education LIA requirements. In addition I expect that this course will provide me with some new knowledge and refresh my teaching practices. 

2. I expect the instructor to be knowledgeable and to provide clear instruction through a well developed curriculum.

3. I would like to learn more about what motivates my learners to stay with our programs. I would also like to learn how to help my language learners break out of stagnant ability with the language. Many students in ESL programs as well as adult English speakers learning a second language seem to hit a wall somewhere in their progression toward fluency. Of those who do hit this wall, I have seen very few overcome to achieve real fluency in their second language.  Why does this happen? Is there a way to help them overcome? These aren't necessarily adult education questions, and perhaps they have more to do with language learning in general. 

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